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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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with the programmed >> mr. rose. >> mr. chairman and members of the committee i believe that supervisor breed has made a good point. >> really good point. >> in that there's no guarantee. that ucsf will relocate. so the committee might want to consider an amendment if possible that will give assurance f to the committee that, in fact, what they say they'll intend to do or go obligated for the 10 point plus million dollars. >> i get our comments i have a little bit of personal prospective one the biggest property in my district we've been working on i've had
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multiplied discussions thank you for the team for spending time with me. absolutely no guarantees i don't think a guarantee will work. who knows what will happen but it makes sense no sense for a hundred thousand dollars facility and not move the employees there they're not growing their workforce by that much i get it's not a guarantee based on my own experience they're trying to vacant the property in my district. i want to thank them for working with me and hopefully to continue to work together. i'm improvement with the proceeds i'm not guaranteed they'll come in, however, >> supervisor wiener.
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>> i have a question for rich or other on the development fees. so let's assume the sales force has kept the land it's deficit into one portion inform ucsf and one to the warriors and my understanding is the warriors will they darn well better be paying transit and development fees. but ucsf b will not and ucsf is a state entity so had sales force kept the entire piece of land and developed it as originally planned would p d i f
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knee with the other regulations >> it's a tricky question if the sales force state on a schedule interpret at that point insides the 10 year point. >> let's assume 10 years extraordinary. >> that aside yes. any non-taxable entity will pay the fees. >> so right now my understanding the reason that ucsf is open the hook for the 32 or $39 million is because those were obligations that were recorded against the property by the sales force and ucsf stepped up to the plate into the sales force shoes. >> they were rotted by the land own and passed on.
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>> and ucsf stepped up to the plate into the shoes. >> yes. >> why were there no fees recorded against the property. >> supervisor wiener tiffany back in 2005 when the mission bay owner participation contract was amended it was that provision that is now about the board and the o pa the 14 percent any taxes exempt they have to either pay or enter a payment tax agreement between the master developer and the former agency that tax payment agreement was recorded bifocals - by fossil.
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at the time it was to make up for and it was within the 10 year exemption period to make up for affordable housing and the other core obligation under the contract. i think it had a function of the time period the fact that it was a third party conceptual agreement between the city and occ it was really focused on the provision and the fees and 10 year lockout was taken care of with the redevelopment plan >> was it not within the 10 year period it applied to mission bay. >> it was negotiated it didn't it was within the 10 year lock anti period so it wasn't at the
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forefront i wasn't at the table at the time but based on my review of the parties at the table and we were not at the table when the new seasons apply. >> i appreciate that so i'll make my comments after public comment. >> supervisor breed. okay. all right. no other questions for supervisor breed or the staff anyone wish to comment on item 11? please step forward line up on the far side of the wall except for the first speaker >> i'm the director for the jewish location services i'm pleased to speak in support of their partnership we were
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founded 40 years ago to support of the jewish community and began our partnership with ucsf as they had you interning and jobs for the sovereign refugees. today j v f serves the residents in obtaining jobs and so too our partnership with ucsf continues. one example we do with the excel program it's the community engagement and learning. those programs successfully leverages the health care academy and jobs now. we do direct outreach for the city's southeast sector. excel is is work based program
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that used the classroom and work experience at the you mean to prepare individual for administrative and college positions. since 2010 the excel program has seen many san francisco residents lives transformed. we have had 6 cycle and graduated 95 san franciscans and our next is on may 19th we're elevated the folks additional after six months of closed session 80 percent of the graduates were working with an annual salary of 80 thousands. we have this near the john hospital. thank you to ucsf for the partnership my i want to
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acknowledge and thank you to the ucsf assistant director of community relations and for ucsf we're grateful for the partnership inform transforming the lives of san franciscans >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you for hearing this item general manager of the hall we provide job placement services in hiring solutions to employers we support the acquisitions of blocks 33 and 34. we're providing the services through the we developed agency and now through oewd. we work with mission bay to continue the employment.
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i've had direct involvement in placing folks and the liaison and project managers have significantly promoted did equal opportunity for as follows. in 2011 ucsf they have a outreach program and work closely with other folks in the southeast community to place the residents on the projects. and also block 25 a. through we'llable about put more
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folgz to with work and provides benefits to their families i'm happy to a support the second largest employer i'm a third generation and proud resident. thank you very much. any other members of the public wish to comment on the item. colleagues, any further discussion or motion supervisor wiener. >> thank you, my issue around the transit the lack of transit
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fees vs. the 39 million i compel understand why the calculation is made and i don't have an issue with
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may 14, 2014 >> >> san francisco police commission >> >>
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